Every event has specific needs, our goal is to surpass your expectations, while keeping you with in your budget. 

*All our packages include.

* hrs of non stop music with large variety of titles and genres.
* Equipment transportation, installation, cables and tripods.
* After hrs period a $50.00 hour will be charged, as long as the venue has the        required license.



6 Hrs of non-stop Music and Entertainment

2 QSC Q~Series,1000 Watts Active Speakers

1 QSC Subwoofer Active Speakers

2 Led Sound Activated Lighting Effect 

1 Led Mirror Ball Effect

1 Sure Wired Microphone

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8 Hrs of non-stop Music, from Start of the

Reception until the Very Last Dance  

4 QSC K12 Series, 1000 Watts Active Speakers

2 QSC Subwoofer Active Speakers

2 Led Sound Activated Lighting Effect

2 Laser Lighting Effects

1 Led Mirror Ball Effect, 1 Wireless Microphone

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Creating a beautiful experience on your wedding or event takes a lot of work, and everybody has different expectations. if you're only worried about the people dancing and having fun (Bride), then let the (groom) worry about the quality of speakers and the lighting that you need. we only use the best equipment that this times ask for... brands like QSC, Serato, Virtual Dj, Mac and hi end lighting technology can take your event to the next level with out breaking your budget. if you want to dance to the best top40's, latin and the best music from around the world.

Para crear los mejores eventos se necesita mucho trabajo y experiencia, cuando lo unico que te preocupa es que tus invitados bailen y se diviertan (novia), entonces el encargado (novio) de la calidad de las bocinas y luces debe saber que

Las mejores marcas en el mercado nos respaldan y utilizamos marcas como: QSC, Serato, Vitual Dj, macs e iluminacion de la mas alta categoria 

If you are interested about technology, speakers and lighting check out this pictures.