Marco DJ Rumpus 

Marco Rios was born in Mexico City in March 1973. He is the son of Marco Rios Camacho, who at the time was an owner and mechanic of a jukebox business. In the mid 80's Marco's father started a mobile dj company of his own called Rumpus Mobile DJ Services. Marco idolized his father and would often accompany him to many of his gigs helping in any small way that he could. This is where Marco's passion for music and DJing began. By the mid 90’s, Marco had caught the DJ bug, and so with the plethora of  knowledge and experience Marco had acquired from the many years of working with his father, he decided to branch out on his own and headed to Cancun. Marco had the opportunity to work in many different prestigious venues and cities in Mexico's hottest spots before moving to Vancouver. With over two decades of experience in the industry, he is now bringing his expertise to Vancouver by storm! Marco believes that music is a way of bringing people together, which is why Marco DJ Rumpus is where the party starts!!